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The following schedule is tentative and subject to change without notice.

Results from past races are found here and at the bottom of the page under past events.

Upcoming events

    • January 01, 2017
    • October 31, 2017
    • English Bay
    TCYC Sailor of the Year Challenge

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    The Sailor of the Year Cup is awarded annually to the sailor who turns in the best performance over a trio of diverse sailing challenges including a regatta race, a single-handed race and a double-handed long-distance challenge race, with each individual event run in any boat of the sailor’s choosing. The trophy was inaugurated in 2010, coinciding with the first year the Sailor of the Year challenge was held.

    Sailor of the Year competition is open to all TCYC members and registration is not necessary but please inform the Race Committee prior to the race if you intend to race single or double-handed.

    Qualifying races are as follows:

    Single-handed qualifying races:
    Double-handed qualifying races:
    Fully crewed qualifying races:
    One race in each crewing category must be completed to be in contention (if contenders compete in more than one race in any crewing format the best result will be used). Results for Sailor of the Year will be scored on the low-points system, using PHRF handicaps with no division breaks. Contenders can use different boats for each race (borrow a Cal 20 for Passage Island, get a Martin 242 lined up for the round-the-buoys action, and get aboard a well-equipped Beneteau for the Scramble!).

    Of course, you could also do it all on one boat, and then if you were really brilliant you might be able to win
    Fleet Champion Boat and Fleet Champion Sailor!

    Trophy Previous winners:

    2016 - Simon Hill

    2015 - Phil DeGeller

    2014 - Kevin Dempsey

    2013 - Stephen Snell
    2012 - Simon Hill
    2011 - Simon Hill
    2010 - Tim Coughlin

    • June 22, 2017
    • July 27, 2017
    • 6 sessions
    • English Bay

    Summer Shorts Thursday Nights

    TCYC is proud to present our annual mid-summer Thursday evening racing series.  On June 22 TCYC takes over from FCYC to continue the fine Thursday night racing tradition.

    Boats and racers of all skill levels are encouraged to participate and new racers will find the low key atmosphere especially welcoming.  If you've thought about getting into racing this is the night to do it.

    The NOR and Sailing Instructions for the 2017 TCYC Summer Shorts Series, our Thursday night racing extravaganza, are linked below.

    Join us weekly at the False Creek Yacht Club clubhouse for post-race drinks, dinner, results and door prizes after racing each week.  Overall results and prizes will be awarded to the top three boats in each division in attendance after the last race of the series on Thursday July 27.

    Looking forward to seeing you all on the water!

    Register Here

    Notice of Race

    Sailing Instructions


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    Series supported by:

    • July 13, 2017
    • July 27, 2017
    • 3 sessions
    • English Bay

    Hey Club members - ever wanted to learn how to run a race?  Ever wanted to anchor your boat and have a front row seat to the races?  Here is your chance!

    We are looking for volunteers with and without boats who may be interested in helping make our summer race series - TCYC Summer Shorts happen.  If you want to volunteer but dont have crew, we can find people to help you and if you want to help but dont have a boat we can get you on one!

    What needs to be done each week?  The Race Committee (RC) will inflate the provided marks and drag them out into English Bay and anchor them to set the course. This means leaving the dock at a time chosen by the Skipper but generally about 5 PM.  The RC will anchor a floating flag as one end of the start line and themselves as the other.  RC will record the boats taking part and sound horns and raise and lower flags at prescribed intervals to start the races beginning at 6 PM sharp.  RC will record the exact start time and then as boats complete the course record the exact time of their finish.  RC will then provide this data to the Fleet Captain who will score the race. Then after retrieving marks its off to the club or bar for beverages and results!

    Sounds like fun eh?!

    Contact our Fleet Captain and let him know what date or dates you would like to get involved.  Do it soon!

    • August 19, 2017
    • 11:00 AM
    • English Bay



    Tiddly Cove’s annual English Bay Scramble is the most interesting and popular sailboat race in Vancouver, and perhaps in the world.  Do not argue with us!  Skippers and crews competing in the Scramble are the most highly regarded sailors we know, and perhaps that one could meet, ever.

     The English Bay Scramble is a unique race where tacticians have free rein in how the marks are rounded, even which way to cross the start line. It delivers a unique combination of:

    • the strategic challenges of a long distance race (varying sea states, winds, tides)
    • the accessibility of English Bay (no long delivery trips required)
    • a legendary after-party! (BBQ, music and prizes)
    • an open, low-intensity format, suitable to sailors of all experience levels (and budgets!)

    Details on racing can be found somewhere, maybe below, but we suspect you are really interested in the party following racing.  “What?” you may ask, somewhat incredulously, “Some of the most challenging and fun racing ever, in the most beautiful place in the world AND there is a party afterwards!?”

    Yes, not only is there a party, which will be attended by the coolest people ever, but there will be the Scramble Sailors Challenge where you can test your crew skills on flat and dry land!  We will have food – and not just any food but a Southwestern BBQ (only $20 cash only because it is supported by Karen Weiner of TAC Realty!) And you can eat it! We are pretty sure that you will be able to purchase some delicious beverages, and not just any beverages, but some hand crafted by Red Truck Beer.  We will have music too, and not just any music – it will be performed live before your very eyes by the world renowned Honky Tonk Dilletants!   We will also have race results, prizes, awards and door prizes – you will leave dripping in swag and crowned in glory.  We promise!*  It will be the most fun you have ever had in your life – be there!*

    *individual results may vary

    The Race – when it is at:

    • Racing starts at 11am on Saturday August 19th.

    The Racers:

    • Skippers get a meal ticket and first beverage included in registration
    • Can buy their crew meal tickets at time of registration (both will be given to you when you check in at post race festivities)
    • Will receive awards for placing in their Division (including M242s and overall)

    The Sponsors:

    • Are in general wonderful!
    • Check out the great range of racing and cruising sails at North Sails - the world's leading sailmaker (they have the most excellent customer service too).
    • Go to Skookum Yacht Services for all your diving, haul out and repair needs – they are fab!  Get them to dive your boat before the Scramble and be fast!
    • Drink Red Truck Beer - need we say more?
    • Buy a house or a condo or meet the best buyers agent ever - Karen Weiner at TAC Realty!

    Results - coming after the race (duh)

    Register Here

    Notice of Race

    Sailing Instructions - coming soon

    List of Competitors - coming soon

    "The Scramble is probably the only race in the Lower Mainland where independent thought actually pays off. Nowhere else does splitting away from your competition actually make sense and it is the only race where you can take a course that is not taken by your competitors and actually expect it to pay off in winning. The winning strategies that I have seen so far go from very straightforward to incredibly bizarre." - Peter Lagergren, GOOSE ‘n DUCK, 2006

    Please support and thank all of our sponsors:


Past events

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May 13, 2017 TCYC Sailpast and Race 2017
May 06, 2017 2017 TCYC Passage Island Single-Handed Race
March 25, 2017 Spring Tune-Up Regatta 2017
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October 29, 2016 Last Chance Regatta 2016
August 13, 2016 TCYC English Bay Scramble 2016
June 30, 2016 Summer Shorts Thursday Night Racing 2016
June 24, 2016 2016 Alder Bay Raft Up
May 14, 2016 TCYC Sailpast and Race 2016
May 10, 2016 Sailor of the Year Challenge
May 07, 2016 2016 TCYC Passage Island Single-Handed Race
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January 01, 2016 2016 New Year's Day Race
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May 10, 2014 TCYC Sailpast and Race
March 22, 2014 Spring Tune-Up Regatta
January 01, 2014 New Years Day Race
October 19, 2013 Last Chance Regatta
August 17, 2013 TCYC English Bay Scramble
June 28, 2013 Alder Bay Raft Up
June 20, 2013 Summer Shorts Thursday Night Racing
May 18, 2013 TCYC Passage Island Race
May 11, 2013 TCYC Sailpast and Race
March 09, 2013 Spring Tuneup Regatta
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