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Tiddly Cove Yacht Club is a Vancouver yacht club focused on keelboat cruising and PHRF racing. It's always a fun time, no matter what the weather!

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The TCYC English Bay Scramble 2016

Tiddly Cove’s annual English Bay Scramble is the most interesting and popular sailboat race in Vancouver, and perhaps in the world.  Do not argue with us!  Skippers and crews competing in the Scramble are the most highly regarded sailors we know, and perhaps that one could meet, ever.

Details on racing can be found somewhere, maybe below, but we suspect you are really interested in the party following racing.  “What?” you may ask, somewhat incredulously, “Some of the most challenging and fun racing ever, in the most beautiful place in the world AND there is a party afterwards!?”

Yes, not only is there a party, which will be attended by the coolest people ever, but there will be the Scramble Sailors Challenge where you can test your crew skills on flat and dry land!  We will have food – and not just any food but a Southwestern BBQ (only $20 cash only because it is supported by Karen Weiner of TAC Realty!) And you can eat it! We are pretty sure that you will be able to purchase some delicious beverages, and not just any beverages, but some hand crafted by Red Truck Beer.  We will have music too, and not just any music – it will be performed live before your very eyes by the world renowned Honky Tonk Dilletants!  All acoustic all the time!*   We will also have race results, prizes, awards and door prizes – you will leave dripping in swag and crowned in glory.  We promise!*  It will be the most fun you have ever had in your life – be there!*

*individual results may vary

The Race – when it is at:

  • Racing starts at 11am on Saturday August 13th.
  • If you want to know more, and we bet you do, check out the event page here.

Oh and maybe this time read the documents (you know SIs, and NORs)

The Racers– where they sign up at:

  • See above – did you really think we had more to say?
  • Yes we do:

Go to Skookum Yacht Services for all your diving, haul out and repair needs – they are excellent!  Get them to dive your boat before the Scramble and be fast!

Also Granville Island Boatyard is offering 5% off all services for registrants from July 15th up to race day. Just contact Trevor Smith at 604-685-6924

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January 01, 2017 • English Bay

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